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Get your premium razorblades for only €1,56 directly from The Factory.

Why RazorFactory?

Premium quality

Razorblades made of high quality Swedish steel.

S(h)ave Money

Prices from €1,56 per blade. Buy more = save more.

Free delivery at €30

Follow your order from The Factory straight to your mailbox with track&trace.


Stock up & save

€35 discount on 6 months worth of shaving


No more financing expensive TV ads, sponsorships and middle men. We’ve cut away those costs so you get the best shave for the best price.

Designed for
the perfect shave

We handpicked the best Swedish steel for your new favourite razor and added multilayer coating to ensure a smooth shave with a durable razorblade.

Razor geeks

With years of experience and millions of razorblades manufactured, we’ve learnt that it’s hard to find a razor that’s both high quality and affordable when it comes to shaving your chin, legs, pits, privates or any other part of your body. So we created a three blade system that offers a smooth, long lasting shave at an affordable price.

We can offer you this price by cutting out the middle man and only focussing on what’s really necessary to get you that great shave and the very best service.

2-6 days delivery
Track & Trace
Free shipping from €30


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